The Grey Wardens are responsible for managing and maintaining force culture within the Czerka Corporation. Training new members who are sensitive to the intricacies of the galaxy while focusing on applying individual Warden’s skills effectively within czerkan society. Some will be warriors, others scholars, but all will be taught the tenets of responsibility and control over their powers while serving the citizens of Czerka.

They can begin from humble origins, but after testing and recruitment, they will be an Initiate of the force under a Warden to eventually become a Warden themselves. The system is designed to allow the members to train their powers to become an asset in battle by using their gifts to benefit any given venture undertaken by the Kingdom.

Code of the Grey Warden

There is no Dark or Light Side;

There is only the Force;

There is no Good without Evil;

There is Passion and Emotion;

Serenity and Peace;

Chaos and Order;

I will lead the way in the Darkest times;

I am a Soldier for the People;

A Guardian of Elysia;

I am a Grey Warden




Atan Ona-teac

First Warden


Rivain Dumat

Council Member


Bannor Skyglow

Council Member


Ling Reen

Council Member