Bhuna Sound VI Development Plan

Under the instruction of the King and Lord Chancellor, the Kingdom of Elysia underwent a vast development project on Bhuna Sound VI. Aiming to provide refuge for the millions of Avance citizens who wanted to avoid the Trade Federation as well as the growing influx of refugees from the Galactic Civil War, the Kingdom sought to develop the gas giant on a grand scale. The Department of Defense, then at the time called the Department of War, assisted in the project but assisting with material haulage and acting as consultants for the construction of military facilities. Engineers from the Department assisting in some construction effort until the project was temporarily suspended to focus on new operations.

Operation Closed Skies

Ordered by Lord Kam Virai, Operation Closed Skies was started to ensure planetary shields were established on every Elysian planet to ensure citizen protection in the event of war. The first phase began on the key systems of Bhuna Sound and Gendius where the Department of Defense continues to work under the command of Lord Alik Khan.